6 / 18 RULE

Have you stepped away from home for the first time?

Are you preparing for a competitive exam?

If YES, then this rule is for you and all about you.

It is also applicable to the Parents who are sending their kid(s) away for a competitive environment.

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A child is nurtured in an environment best available to him. The surroundings teach them through the vision they tend to imbibe in. Parents play a good role in shaping up the child’s future and habits in order to create a better life. They spend their efforts and savings towards them to provide them with the best-in-class available education and educational institutes. Finally, after years of ease and comfort at home, the child has to break-free from the surroundings and make move towards a new life outside. All of this is closely associated with the field of study one aspires to follow. For a country like India, and with the rising boom of engineering and medical aspirants, taking coaching for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET and various other competitive exams has become quite common. The major chunk of students are concentrated towards the only education city in India-KOTA.

Kota is a place for the young and deterministic achievers. A good school definitely puts in par with the competitions from across the country, but great coaching institutes like ALLEN, Resonance, Bansal, etc give an edge and offer a fair chance to reach the eventual target.


This city of education has its own perks. Each year, a total of 2,00,000 intake takes place at the coaching centers. On taking a closer look, a student spends about 6 hours at the coaching institute and the rest of the 18 hours are individually spent outside along-with their place they choose to stay. Here, the concrete time is accounted for the amount spent in preparation apart from classes. All of the 18 hours is dependent on the efforts one puts in apart from classroom learning. It is directly proportional to the environment one is placed into. Having tasted independence outside of home, the child is not being monitored, cared or protected.

That is when, the Being Home advantage comes into play. On reviewing the common problems faced by all the students, the major concern is the “increasing stress level”.

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Problem Statement “A stressed atmosphere in a competitive world, can lead to a lot of catastrophic results emotionally, physically and eventually affecting their performance”


The crucial 18 hours spent outside the coaching is accounted for having a better chance for getting through these exams and also creating a character strong enough to build a future leader. We believe a character is framed in the adolescence and the influences exposed to plays a major role. So we have taken the responsibility on our shoulders to nurture the lucky ones day-in and day-out to keep them focused and walk along with them and create a fair chance for their future.


Apart from all the basic amenities under one roof, we have even more to put us at the top of the list for PG services in Kota.

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But, did we stop there ? Absolutely not !

Crafted based on information gathered through various knowledge platforms, we assure that our SOCIAL ROOMS are a haven for nurturing the mind and body towards greater heights in their career. Through OUR SOCIAL ROOMS we cultivate the importance of believing in your goal and achieving them through various scientifically proven methodologies. All of it is customized to meet the requirement of a “homely” environment outside the comfort of your own home.


We are being home – a student accommodation service, professionally managed by a group of young professionals from cross Industry with a combined experience of over 20 years. Each one of has lived and worked away from our families and experienced similar problems. We have come together to address this daunting issue faced by the children in the country.

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