Which is the Best Coaching institute in Kota? Find Out.

Author: Abilash Geetha Balan

Which is the Best Coaching institute in Kota? Find Out Now!!!

Pre-read on How I decided.

I, decided to dedicate one full year of my life in pursuit of dream in getting into IIT. I had a lot of doubts and anxieties clogging my head, I know this is a huge decision in my life and hence I wanted to be certain in all the small decision that I made and its outcome.

At first, I wanted to choose a place where I wanted to pursue my coaching, whether I should do it in my home town, Bhubaneshwar or should I look for other cities dedicated for IIT coaching?

I decided to ask my best friend, Google. After a certain level of research, I understood, cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kottayam, and Kota are known for IIT coaching. But, amongst this the #city of Dreams, Kota stood out in terms of selection ratios and All India Rankers. It is not just these two parameters, Kota city, unlike other metros, is dedicated to IIT & Medical coaching, the city thrives purely on education. An article claimed one of the coaching institute set a Limca world record for maximum number of enrollment in one institute. I made my decision, I wanted to be in Kota, because the city is dedicated towards education, I believe all the infrastructure will be build keeping students in mind.

Next, I wanted to pick an institute for my coaching, this could be the most important parameter influencing whether I will be able to meet my dream of an IIT. Apart from my best friend, Google, I decided to ask my seniors and IIT Alumni for guidance.

Their suggestions gave me a good starting point. They suggested the following major parameters could greatly help me decide the coaching institute best fit for me.

List of Parameters to Consider while Choosing the Best Coaching Institute in Kota for JEE

  1. Faculty in the institute

  2. Results track record of the institute

  3. Study Materials and Test series

  4. Infrastructure

They suggested, to keep the coaching fees aside for the time being, as my parents were ok with spending on 1.3-1.5Lakh towards this.

Keeping the above parameters in Mind, I decided to pull up the facts that could help me decide.


I agree, this is the most important factor, If the teacher is motivating and engaging, even the most boring subjects can be fun to learn, on the contrary, if the teacher is not good, even the easiest and fun subjects could be boring.

There are many Quora answers by students of Kota, that helped me get an indication of the best faculties for each subject. This is being provided by students who based on the level of engagement of the faculty and ease of understanding a subject.

Check these below answers on Quora


Results track record of the Coaching institute in Kota




Best Study Materials & Test series in Kota

This helps you get a reality check on how good your preparation is. The more challenging the materials, the better equipped you are for the final exams.

An answer to this question, which study material is the best, is subjective and will be very difficult to compare as it depends on how many students refer the different coaching institutes study materials and test series. As far as our interaction with the students we have understood Allen and Nucleus follows similar study materials and is considered to be amongst the most challenging ones currently, followed closely by resonance and Vibrant.

Bansal being the oldest and the most experienced in the field of IIT coaching is considered to be the parent document for most institutes. Every other institute has improvised and refined their materials over the years. To a larger extent the outcome of the study materials can be seen with institutes rankers and selection produced over the years.


Generally, students consider this parameter not so important as the others listed above. I  tend to agree with this largely, but it is also important to consider the students to staff ratio. Apart from the regular classes, students need extra monitoring during doubt classes and the number of qualified staffs available for this will greatly reflect on the student’s performance. Along with this, the personal monitoring of students is an important factor that helps keeping the student focused and motivated during his stay.

Hope this is helpful in making an informed decision on your child’s first step towards his big Dream. Do check our other student related blogs here.

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Disclaimer:  The author has tried to his best to portray the information collected from various sources (Primary & secondary) for students to make a calculated decision on their coaching.  The author nor this website (www.beingHome.co.in) does not take any responsibility of the information provided in this article. The author also does not hold any responsibility for any discrepancies in the data in the article. The data in this article shall be only used for reference and should not be considered absolute.
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