January 7, 2017


Hostels in Rajeev Gandhi Nagar

276, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar

Boys Hostel Near Allen Safalya, Resonance, Nucleus and Motion 
Being Home Theta (SRS Residency)

273 Rajeev Gandhi Nagar,

Boys Hostel Near  Allen Sankalp, Allen Sabal, Allen Sakar

Being Home Hostels near Allen Sangyan Kota for Medical

F 1,2 Landmark City, Kunadi

Boys Hostels Near Allen Sangyan, Allen Samyak 


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11-B-4, Mahaveer Nagar-1

Boys Hostels near Allen SankalpAllen Safalya and Nucleus

MPB-64, Mahaveer Nagar-1

Boys Hostels Near Allen SankalpAllen Safalya, Allen Samarth

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F-23, Road No 2, IPIA

Boys hostels Near Allen Saakar, Resonance, Vibrant 

Being Home Hostels are spread across the city so that your stay is close to coaching. Being Hostels near Medical Coaching in Kota and Being Home Hostels near all major JEE Coachings in Kota. 

Being Home Boys Hostels in Kota are near Allen Sangyan, Allen Samyak, Allen Sankalp, Allen Safalya and Allen Sakar also our Hostels are near Resonance, Nucleus and Vibrant Academy is the safest place for your child in Kota.  

A child spends 6 hours in the coaching and the remaining 18 hours in the Hostel daily. This is why Being Home 6×18 Rule brings the required difference to a student’s selection into IIT or AIIMS colleges. Visit any of the Being Home Hostels in Kota below to know more!!!