Being Home 6×18 Success Timetable for IIT-JEE / AIIMS / NEET for Students

Tips and Timetable for JEE / AIIMS / NEET preparation for Students in Kota

Designed and Developed based on interactions with Successful Students (Alumnus), faculty and Educational Experts from Kota and hence assured to produce results.

Things to Consider Before Leading to the Timetable 

  • Understand before you Challenge

Any institution be it your school / College has been operating for many years now and they sure have fine-crafted the art of creating rankers, So you need to go through the existing system once before you challenge it. Attend Every CLass with an open mind for Learning, come back home revise, improvise and then Challenge if required.

 Being Home 6×18 Success Timetable for Aspirants of Competitive Exams

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Study Methods

Complete each days homework on the same day as soon as you come back from School, Start your study time with your difficult subject and end it with easy ones

Break your study Sessions into 5 – 6 times daily.

First : Morning session of 30mins to remember what you studies in the previous day and cross check with the notes you have taken.

  1. Second : Homework completion once you are back from school for 2 hours,

  2. Third : One hour and a half of time with your difficult Subject,

  3. Fourth: Half hour with your easy subject,

  4. Fifth : Developing other skills Like fast reading, comprehension, Vocabulary, Logical reasoning and so on.

Success Timetable for JEE Preparation

Satisfaction Score

For each study Session give a goal and satisfaction score and take notes on weak points, so at the end of the week you can spend time on the weak areas and low satisfaction study sessions again.

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Maintain a sound Body and a Peaceful Soul

Eat Health, Sleep well, Exercise and Meditate Daily

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