Because, being in Kota is About Being “You”

Kota – the coaching hub of the country. Ever imagined how it became famous?

Apparently, it all started with one brave person who took the first step towards educating the goal seekers towards a professional degree. Which can also be called a “start-up” since the world is all about starting up new ventures about the things we love?

The country’s premiere coaching institutes aim at balancing a good competition for the ones who are willing to take their career further in the Engineering or Medical field. This place looks like a mini township meant exclusively for the young and passionate students. They all look up to their dreams and aspirations to fulfill their aim of making it through a top Engineering or Medical college of the country.

Yes, the classes go on with full swing and there is not a minute to pause. There are more than one lakh students who aim for the limited seats at the top colleges. Yet, everyone struggles to be their own best version. It is a joy to see the excitement in their eyes and to re-live the moment of our own lives because we have been through that phase as well.

Kota is one of those cities in Rajasthan where people are born to be engineers or doctors. It is indeed great. But what does it take to be one of them? So now that you are here, We could tell you a few interesting facts to ease out on your life rules regarding studies. The very much hype about the stress relating to coaching and studies is nothing but all in your “mind”. The jumble lies in the following:


The first: Regularity

The basic need is to organize your studies and to be regular in your classes. Maintain a good routine for yourself so that you are the master of your own destiny. “As you sow, shall you reap”. Hence, sow the seeds of regularity to your classes and get along in this journey.

The second: Revision

Now that you have maintained regularity over your class schedule, make it a point to revise regularly as in what is being taught.

The third: Discussion

The third rule is to “discuss”. Always discuss your doubts with your teachers and mentors so that you can learn a new concept. A discussion forum is mandatory in order to brush up your knowledge skills. “Knowledge shared is always knowledge gained.”

The fourth: Practice

Practice every day. All that you have learned and gathered will be fruitful only when you can practice every problem. And then there would be a time when every problem that you once imagined will have an easy solution.

And all of this is possible with your own “Patience, Perseverance and Persistence”. We have all come across various hurdles, but we can be winners only when we set sail with our own ship fearlessly. The moment you feel you are in doubt, pause for a second and try writing down your doubts. This shall help you channelize your thoughts and will lead you to the exact path you wish to be. The heart wants what it wants and it is only possible with sheer Dedication and Determination. The three P’s and the two D’s should be like the five fingers you could use to realize your dream.

So the best thing is always to start where you are scared. And then you shall see that there is no matter called “stress”. Also, this is possible with the environment you wish to create for yourself.

Sometimes, meditate, as it helps you to concentrate. Go for a walk. Breathe in some fresh oxygen and recharge yourself with good thoughts every day. Because you have to get there at your own peak. Not everyone is meant to be the same. But you can write your own destiny. Stay there even if you fall down, because if something is not going right, it is only because, something better is awaiting for you.

Live each day with strength and keep the hard work intact.

Also do not forget to indulge in some mouth watering “Kota-Kachori” from time to time as it will make you even much happier.

Stay Happy Y’all.


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