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Getting Admissions in Allen, Resonance, Vibrant and Nucleus? Register here for Best Hostels in Kota for Boys and Girls certified by coaching institutes.

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Rajeev Gandhi Nagar near Allen Safalya, Allen Sankalp. IPIA near Resonance & Vibrant, Landmark City Near Allen Sangyan and Samyak, Jawahar Nagar near Allen Satyarth & Sammunat. 

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Our best Boys hostel in Kota near Allen is less than 200m. We have also Hostels near Resonance, Vibrant and Nucleus. 

Our best Girls hostel in Kota near ALlen is less than 200m. We have also Hostels near Resonance, Vibrant and Nucleus. 

Our Hostels are recognised by ALLEN Kota Hostel. Our fees structure is pocket friendly for students.


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