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All you need to know about student life in Kota

About Kota

Entire Rajasthan is not a Desert. Kota is located in the state of Rajasthan. Around 250 kms from the state capital Jaipur. The city has a total population of around 10 lakh and every year around 2 lakh students come to Kota to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE & AIIIMS.

Coaching in Kota

It is estimated that 1/3 of IITians in the country had gone for coaching. from Kota. The city has constantly delivered top rankers in both Medical and Engineering streams.

Institutes in Kota

Kota has sets standards for coaching in the country, mostly because of the healthy and competitive environment created by the various coaching institutes. The city has all the big names in the coaching industry. The likes of ALLEN Career Institute, Bansal classes, Resonance, Vibrant Academy, Motion, Sarvottam, Akash, Nucleus, Career Point and so on the city is filled with multiple centres in every 100m radius.

Hostels | PGs in Kota

Kota is filled with various types of student accommodations ( Hostels/PGs) with all basic amenities required for students.

# Food # Laundry # AC / Cooler # wifi # Printer

There are certain properties that gives you additional features

# Social rooms # Library # Medical Consultation # Care-taker.

Taste of Kota

kota kachori | Life in Kota

Kota loves its savories and spices

# Kachori # Poha #gol-gappas

Entertainment in Kota

As equal to any tier 2 city in the country.

#movies # Cafe # Shopping Malls

Academic life in Kota

Social Life in kota Being Home Hostel

A student spends around 6-8 hours in a day in the coaching institutes where he gets at-most focus on his subjects. Most of the coaching institutes also offers the students to pick and choose their class timings within the day. Batches can start as early as 6.30 pm and can go up to as late as 9 pm. The institutes also provides the option of changing the batches if the faculty is not to the liking of the student. Institutes also ensures to change the faculty based on students feedback. The multiple options for coaching institutes available in Kota for a student triggers tough competition between the institutes to maintain high standards of education. The coaching is crafted to meet the demands of all kinds of students with different levels of aptitude, additional classes, revision classes, focus group, so on and so forth. The Unique selling point of Kota is the cross-cultural atmosphere the students get in the time they spend year. The exposure to different teaching and learning methods in Kota makes it stand out from rest of the cities in the country.

Also off late all the institutes lay extreme importance to
reduce the stress level of the students by means of Yoga, Meditation, counselling and other means.

Kota as an Economy revolves around the students, coaching is just one part of it. Students are given at most importance not just in the institutes but also by locals.

Social life in Kota

Kota offers a reasonable options for social life for students that is normally found in any Tier 2 cities in the country. The city offers Movie halls, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes. The hanging bridge of Chambal lake is amongst the recent commonly visited places. @City Mall Kota, Chambal River, Cafes and juice stalls are amongst the common hangout place for students.

A recently inaugurated cafe Mad over Meals (MOM) near IPIA is a great place to hangout. Tea Tradition, Cafe Rockstar, Mr. Tea Cafe are amongst other places normally occupied by students. Within the densely populated city, there are many common grounds available for some evening sports near Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar, etc. The city also has some tourist attractions like Seven wonders, Hariyali water park. in a nearby vicinity,

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