Kota – City of Dreams….Why is Kota being Tarnished?

Author : Abilash Geetha Balan

Kota – City of Dreams….Why is Kota being Tarnished?

For a city that has laid the foundations for consistently producing many top Engineers and Doctors for our Nation far ahead from any other city in the world, why does many front line Media and Corporates tarnishing such a blessed City suddenly?

Kota is a City of dreams, and is undoubtedly the most safest haven for your children to move closer to their Dreams. Student Suicides in Kota is definitely a false representation of the city of Dreams. Here is one question that can help you solve the myth.

Which Place in India has the most Student suicides cases recorded ?

According to recent reports from various Media, the major causes of Student suicides in Kota, Rajasthan is because of Drug usage, Sexual Diseases, Failure in Examination and Relationship issues. So we decided to check the most recent available facts on their behalf from authentic Government of India data for people aged between 0 to 18, both boys and girls put together (No transgender suicides has been reported during this period)

This is what the data revealed. Rajasthan is not even in the first 10 states for student suicides in the country.

The data clearly indicates less than 2% of student suicide cases from the entire nation occurs in Rajasthan.  In regard to recent articles that suggests 58 student suicides in Kota in the last four years, which reflects to around 15 cases every year from a student population of 1,50,000 students which is less than 0.01%. Just to put that in context, Kota is the seventh densely populated city in the world and holds the Guinness record for the maximum student population in one city. So our Question to the Media and the corporates is this, Why Target Kota when clearly we are not the ones causing the harm.

#problems faced by students in Kota

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Nobody wishes to see the above numbers, it is a sad data to be represented, Hence every Coaching institutes in Kota like Allen, Vibrant, Resonance, Career Point, Nucleus, Motion, Sarvottam etc are taking extra precaution and effort to reduce these numbers. The coaching institutes along with the Kota City police have deployed home guards patrolling the city 24×7 monitoring student activities. Many coaching institutes and Hostels work together tirelessly to monitor students for issues like stress, anxiety, and performance and constantly engage in student dialogues so as to identify the issues and resolve it at a very early stage before it is too late. 

So this is what we have to say to all of them who are trying to Tarnish the city of Dreams, for a city that has changed the life of many young dreamers, for a city that offers over 40% of IIT and AIIMS/NEET selection, for a city that offers over 40% of All India Rankers from the entire country, and most importantly for the hard work and dedication of the Teachers  and Staffs from all coaching institutes in the city, this DEFINITELY is NOT the TRIBUTE THAT IT DESERVES.

#Support Kota – City of Dreams. 

Student life in Kota

Student life in Kota




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