What is the Biggest Problems faced by Students in Kota?

What is the Biggest Problems faced by Students in Kota?

Daily study routine of a student in Kota

On an average a student in Kota spends around 60% of his daily routine in studies. He spends almost 12-15 hours studying and revising his subject materials in a day.

Students Daily routine in Kota











A student spends 30% of his time sleeping which helps him to stay healthy and focused on the efforts he is doing during the day.  Hence a good night sleep plays a vital role in the student’s overall performance. Without proper sleep, a student will fall into the vicious circle of lack of performance.

Biggest Problem faced by students in Kota

Biggest problem faced by students in Kota











Your entire day will get spoiled with a bad night sleep. Imagine you wake up with an incomplete sleep, your body will feel very tired. Due to a tired body and mind, you tend to lack focus in class. Since, you did not give full attention in the class, you will find it difficult to remember notes that you prepared during the class lecture. This will give you performance anxiety. If you do not realise this problem soon, it will end up disturbing your performance drastically. Not just for a day, But, slowly during your entire preparation time in Kota.

Tricks to overcome the Biggest problem in Kota

  • Read Subjects that are Least interesting in the morning and the interesting subjects in night. Since, if you read a boring subject in the night, you are most likely to fall asleep without completing your target and hence your sleep will be disturbed. 
  • Follow the Biological cycle. Study during the day, sleep during the night. Your body is designed to function most efficiently during the day.
  • Do not use Mobiles before Sleeping. Go to sleep with a peaceful mind and stress-free eyes. Carrying a thought before sleep is not helpful as it will disturb the sleep. So, avoid mobile and social media usage. 

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