What is the cost of living in Kota for JEE preparation?

What is the cost of living in Kota for JEE preparation? Updated 2022

The article  considers cost of coaching in Kota, mess charges in Kota, Hostel prices in Kota near coaching institutes like Allen, Resonance, Vibrant and Nucleus and other miscellaneous charges in 2019 for JEE and AIIMS aspirants. First of all, lets consider Hostel Expenses.

Topper Hostel Kota

Cost of Hostels in Kota ?

Based on this these are the following Hostel charges in the following locality.


Basic Hostel

Basic+Additional Facilities

Premium Luxury Hostels


(Hostels near Allen- Sankalp, Safalya, Sakar, Sabal)

Resonance, Nucleus and Motion)

10,000-13,00013,000 – 15,00017,000-22,000


(Hostels near Resonance, Vibrant, Sarvottam, Allen-Sakar, Career-Point)

8,000 – 10,00010,000 -13,00015,000- 18,000


(Hostels near Allen- Sankalp, Safalya, Sakar, Sabal)

Resonance, Nucleus and Motion)

8,000 – 10,00010,000 -13,00016,000- 18,000


(Hostels Near Career Point, Bansal)

6,000- 80008,000-10,000



Cost of Hostels in Kota depends on whether the hostel is close to coaching  institute, because this is the most important requirement considered by parents and students before deciding on a Hostel.  

The hostels close to the coaching institutes are comparatively expensive because the Lease Charges for the Hostel  is high. Now, lets see the various types of rooms available in Kota.

First of all, a good Hostel in Kota should provide the basic facilities like good ventilated and spacious (AC/Cooler) rooms, in-house food, Safety features like Bio-metric attendance, 24×7 care taker, Security guard, CCTV, Laundry and maintain good hygiene.

Furthermore, a good hostel in Kota also should provide additional services like On-Call Doctor facilities, a Social room (Library, computer with internet for filling applications, video lectures), Motivational sessions for students  and career guidance and support.

Being Home Hostels Banner 2

Being Home Hostels Banner 2

Best Hostel in Kota

Note: A PG is just basic room with laundry, no mess, or additional services whereas a Hostel provides all the facilities needed by a student.

The charges for a PG ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 per monthBiggest Problem in Kota

Biggest Problem in Kota

The cost of coaching in Kota

The cost of coaching in Kota depends on a few things like which coaching institute you have decided to study, which batch you will be joining (11th, 12th, drop year) and also your scores in the various entrance test for each of the coaching institute.

Therefore we are also providing a link to the fees of each of these coaching institutes below.

Fees Structure of Coaching Institutes in Kota

Coaching Industries in Kota are in plenty, in other words, there is a stiff competition from various institutes to deliver the best results and standard of Education. Since results are the main reason why a coaching institute is preferred over an other.

Allen Kota Fees structure 

Allen JEE Fees Structure and Scholarship 2022


Resonance Kota Fees Structure 



Vibrant Kota Fees Structure and Scholarships


Nucleus Kota Fees structure and scholarships



Motion Kota fees structure and scholarships



Summary of Coaching Expenses in Kota

Coaching expenses in these top coaching institutes are ranging from 90,000 to 1,80,000 per annum. As mentioned earlier this depends on the batch, phase and the coaching institute that you choose. 

Does Note Taking improve your score

Does Note Taking improve your score




What are the Open Mess Charges in Kota ?

Likewise, If you have opted a PG option and also if you do not like the food at your hostel, you always can Opt for an Open Mess option because it can cater to your specific taste as students come from all over India.

This is strongly NOT advisable as a few messes in Kota compromise on quality due to the volume of the business.

You will not have any issues in the beginning but definitely will have long term health issues. There are many good Open messes in Kota serving Good food for students but you need to be cautious.

So as a result you need to choose the food from within the Hostel you stay.

Most Open Mess only provides Lunch and Dinner and they DO NOT provide the most important meal  of the day, Breakfast and because of this a student’s health is being compromised.

The Charges of Open Mess ranges from 2,300 – 6,000 per month. Only for Lunch and Dinner.

Summary of overall Living Expense in Kota is as follows

CoachingPer Year80,0001,30,0001,80,000
HostelPer year (10months)80,0001,30,0002,00,000
Mess (if PG Option)Per year (10months)23,00035,00060,000
Total Expenses (Considering Hostel Option)Per year1,60,0002,60,0003,80,000
Student Pocket moneyPer Year10,00030,00050,000
Exam Applications & StationaryPer year5,0008,00010,000

List of Hostels in Kota

Click Here for : Top 10 Hostels in Kota for 2018


In addition to the above article, please visit the coaching institutes and hostels personally to get the correct and updated figures. We do not take any responsibility for the data published.

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