Key Features of Hostels in kota

A student spends 6 hours in Coaching, and 18 hours in the hostel Daily, So We believe choosing the right hostel is equally important

Fully Furnished AC Rooms

Being Home Hostels in Kota first met all the requirements of a Traditional hostel and then started our journey from there.

AC, Bean Bag, Bed, Table, Chair, Book Shelf, Almirah, Periodic Table, Mattress, Study Lamp

APP based Issues Resolution

Being Home Hostels aims to reduce the lead time for issue resolution for students through its in-house Mobile APP for Hostels in Kota. This Seamless Communication channel between Students and Management will help to keep students away from day-to-day challenges and stay focused on the their goal to become a doctor or an engineer.

Social Rooms

Our Hostels consist of a huge common room filled with motivation and graffiti, a place where all the students can relax and essentially beat the stress of studying. This room acts as a place of interaction and relaxation. .

Library, Computer, Board Games.

On Call Doctor

Being Home boys Hostels in Kota provides Door Step Doctor Consultation to our Students. With just one Call, our affiliate Doctors in Kota are made available for the comfort and care of your ward.
We have associate # Skin Doctors in Kota, General Doctors and Eye Doctors in Kota, etc.

Go to School Admission Assistance

School Admission Assistance

Being Home Hostels provide our Customers with Admission assistance for Schools in Kota in 11th & 12th Standard. We hand hold you through the entire admission process. We have many good associate Schools in Kota that offers flexible education.

One-One Counselling

A target is as important in the perusal of a career as the career itself. That is why Being Home hostels and PGs in Kota have counsellors to help children realise their true potential and shape it into their careers. We guide the students with various career option after 12th standard based on student engagement.

Exam Tips

We consider ourselves not just as a Hostel service provider, rather we aim to improve student’s selection ratio. Our Exam Tips section discusses about AIIMS and JEE preparation books to be used, Best note taking methods for JEE, Timetable for JEE and AIIMS, problems faced by students in Kota, etc.

Biometric Attendance

Mobile phone based message notification to parents through Biometric Attendance systems


OVER ~30% of OUR STUDENTS got SELECTION in JEE & NEET in 2022 !!!


Stress-Free, Career focused & the Most Comforting Living Experience for Students in Kota.
Rated as BEST HOSTELS in KOTA near ALLEN & Resonance for Students in 2022
  • Rated amongst the Best Boys Hostel in Kota, We prefer the students to Stay Close to Coaching as it saves a lot of time and effort. Our Hostels in Kota are within 500m radius from All major Coaching Institutes. We have boys Hostels in Kota near Resonance, Allen Career Institute, Vibrant Academy, Nucleus Education and Motion in Kota City and hostels near Allen Sangyan and Allen Samyak in Landmark City Kunhari, Kota # boys hostel near me, Hostels near me.

  • Our Hostels in Kota for boys and Girls are rec. by Allen Kota Hostel Association meeting all the pre-requisites of a safe and Hygenic Hostel in Kota. Our Hostels in Kota near Allen and Other Coaching institutes provides best in Class services and facilities needed by Students for a condusive study environment.

  • Being Home aims not just to be the best hostel in Kota but also to be the hostel with best food in kota. We understand this and make sure that our meals are balanced and full of nutrients essential for the holistic development of your child.

  • Students of Being Home Hostels stand a better chance in clearing JEE & NEET exams. Our consistent efforts through dedicated counselling and Career sessions have lead to exceptional results. Best Hostels in Kota offering better selection chances.


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Destined to make Student's Life Better.

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