Which are the best IIT JEE coaching classes in India?

Top Coaching Institutes for JEE in India City wise 2022 (Updated)

The list of Top Coaching institutes in India for JEE Mains and JEE Advance in 2022

Top parameters to decide JEE Coaching Institutes before Admissions.

The best coaching institute in India for JEE Mains, JEE Advance and AIIMS  can be defined by these following parameters. As every year the story could be different. So based on these parameters have a discussion with the Coaching institutes and then compare which is better.


The faculties in Kota keep changing the coaching institute every year except for the teachers in the star batch or directors.but it is very unlikely that every student be in star batch. So check the names of the current best faculties in both Resonance and Motion in a normal batch and check whether these teacher’s are still there. There are many Quora answers by students on the best faculty. It is very easy to find.

Selection Ratio 

Ask the Coaching institute to show the results and selection ration of the last couple of years. A selection Ratio can be defined as the total students who cleared the JEE Mains cut off divided by the total students enrolled in the CLASS ROOM program. This you need to ask for both JEE Mains and Advance. Do not consider Distance Learning Program (DLP) numbers in this

Faculty to Student Ratio

This is also a very vital information that is needed to understand how much Personal Attention Each student is getting. The importance of this factor you will realise during mid of the year. So pls do consider this. Only consider Teaching Faculty to number of students. For example Resonance has close to 40000 students and I am not sure how many teaching faculty they have. In the same way Motion has close to 3000 students and again I am not sure how many teaching staff they have. So you need to check this information with the institute.

Best Coaching Institutes State wise

Best Coaching for IIT JEE in Kota, Rajasthan 

Historically, the city of Kota accounts for 40% of selection in JEE and also 40% AIRs in the Country.

    • Allen Career Institutes
    • Vibrant
    • Nucleus
    • Resonance
    • Motion
    • Bansal

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Best Coaching for IIT JEE in Hyderabad, Telngana 

Hyderabad accounts for 15% of the coutries IIT JEE selections over the years and contributes to 25% in All India Ranking

  • Ramaiah
  • Sri Chaitanya
  • Narayana

Best Coaching for IIT JEE in Delhi 

  • Aakash
  • Vidyamandir

Best Coaching for IIT JEE in Kerala 

  • Brilliant
  • Rays

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