Clearing the myth about Batches and Phases in Kota for JEE in ALLEN

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What is a Batch in Kota for JEE & NEET?

  • A phase in Kota can accommodate anywhere between 2000–5000 students.
  • Phases can mean Nurture (11th moving), Enthus (12th moving), Leader(13th standard), Achiever ( multiple dropper) 
  • An average batch size in Kota is around 150–200 students. Hence with a phase of 2000 students, there could be al-least 10–15 batches. 
  • There are three types on how batches are defined, one with extremely high scholarships (70–90%), second (10–70%) and third no Scholarships.
  • It is ensured that for the Leader, Enthus and Achiever phases ALLEN ensures a good faculty normally with at-least 8 years of experience and better batches will get the best teachers. Allen provides overall best teachers in these batches. 
  • In regard to Nurture phase (11th moving) Allen and other coaching institutes will have lesser experienced but qualified faculties. 

Now, to answer your question regarding which Teachers will teach which batch and what batch you shall get and how you can improve your batch click the link below.

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