Best Coaching Institute in KOTA for Medical | ALLEN Kota

Best Medical Coaching Institute in KOTA | ALLEN Kota.

This article will cover all the information needed by a Parent / Student regarding medical coaching in Kota (Allen).

Admission Process in Allen


  • The student has to appear for ASAT (Allen Scholarship cum Admission Test). Based on the ASAT scores the scholarships will be deducted from your final fees payment.


      • Allen career institute Kota admission fees for medical can be either paid at one go or in two instalments.

Allen Medical Fees 2022 | Click here

allen kota hostel fee structure

    • NURTURE : 2 Year Course for Class XI Students
    • ENTHUSIAST : 1 Year Course for Class XII Students
    • LEADER : 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared (English / Hindi Medium Students)
    • ACHIEVER : 1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2018 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium Students)

Centers of Allen for Medical coaching in Kota

Allen Medical Buildings in Landmark City, Kota

    • Allen Samyak – (Allen Kunhari Kota)
    • Allen Sangyan – (Allen Kunadi Kota)
Allen Samyak and Allen Sangyan Building Photos | Being Home

Allen Samyak and Allen Sangyan Building Photos

List of buildings for Allen institute Kota for Medical | Kota City, Kota

    • Allen Satyarth
    • Allen Sammunnat
    • Allen Saakar
    • Allen Samarth
    • Allen Savinay

Batch Wise Buildings for Allen Medical in Kota









“This article is aimed at giving you an idea about medical coaching by ALLEN in Landmark city, Kunhari, Kota, Rajasthan.”

Location of Allen Buildings in Kota for Medical.

Kota map by Allen

Source: Kota map by Allen Website (Click to download from Allen)


These two buildings of ALLEN caters to most of the Medical Coaching for AIIMS and NEET in Kota. Both these buildings together hosts around 35,000 students in Kota. The phases of classes that is tentatively scheduled in these buildings and their dates are as follows.

Allen Medical Class Opening Dates, Click here

Allen has total 21 study centres in Kota. Allen has different names for each of these study centres has different names. Below are the few names of the buildings and classes that are planned tentatively in these buildings

  1. ALLEN SAMYAK & ALLEN SANGYAN – MEDICAL COACHING  in Kota for AIIMS & NEET ( Nurture, Enthus and Leader Phase) located in Landmark city Kunadi (Kunhari) Kota, around 15 kms from Kota City.
allen kota hostel fee structure

Allen kota hostel fee structure

This video will give you the idea about ALLEN SAMYAK institute Kota for Medical

Location of Landmark City Kunhari, Kota for NEET Coaching in Kota.

Landmark city, Kunhari (Kunadi), Kota Rajathan is located around 15 kms from Kota main city. Landmark city is the Hub for NEET coaching in Kota for Medical.

The place hosts two major buildings ALLEN Institute Kota for Medical,  ALLEN SAMYAK and ALLEN SAMYAK.  The best way to reach Kunahdi is through Auto or a OlA cab from Kota Railway station.

Best Medical Coaching in Kota for NEET and AIIMS

It is quite evident that ALLEN is amongst the best coaching institute for Medical in the country. The selection ratio  of Allen is amongst the best for AIIMS and NEET, With over 50 students in the top 100 students are from ALLEN in 2018.

If your dream is to become a doctor, then Kota is the place for you. Strength of ALLEN Landmark city is around 30,000 students, expected every year.

Best Coaching institute for Medical in Kota Samyak Allen and Sangyan Allen. 

Allen Medical Results in Kota 2018 Allen Source : Allen Facebook Page

Best Hostels in Landmark City, Kunhadi (Kunhari), Kota

allen kota hostel fee structure

Being Home 6×18 Rule for Hostels in Kota 

A student spends 6 hours in the coaching and 18 hours in the Hostel. and hence this 18 hours plays an equally vital role in your selection to the AIIMS / NEET / JEE Exams. So it is very important for you to choose a good hostel service provider with a good brand value and Reviews ( Google Reviews). Do not compromise the stay purely based on tariff, as your child is expected to spend at-least one full year in the hostel.

The hostels infrastructure in Kota, is well planned to meet all the requirements of students. These two buildings combined hosts around 35,000 students. Majority of the students are girls. So the authorities have taken extra precautions to maintain safety of the students with home guards and hostel association playing a very important role.

Before suggesting the best Hostels in Kunhadi (Kunhari) we would like to suggest the most important parameters you need to consider before choosing your hostel.

  • Basic facilities : Doctor on-call, 4 times Healthy Meals, Laundry, daily housekeeping, 24×7 Caretaker
  • Safety : Biometric Attendance, CCTV, Security Guards
  • Social Rooms : Computer with printer, Internet, Library, Board Games
  • Amenities : Lift, RO, Cycle Parking
  • Being Home 6×18 Rule : Personal monitoring, Career Guidance, Alumni – Meet with Doctors

The price range for Hostels in Landmark City Kunadi are from 7000 Rs – 22000Rs per month. The factors affecting the price are as follows:

  • Distance from Coaching
  • All facilities and Security features
  • Additional Facilities like career guidance and mentoring that will help students with a better chance for selection with Being Home 6×18 Rule. 

Amenities of Being Home Boys Hostel near ALLEN SANGYAN and ALLEN SAMYAK

    Being Home Hostels Banner 2

Bookings open Now!! Being Home 

Top Rated Boys hostel in Landmark City Kunhari

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