Tips on how to be Safe during the Winters?

Written by: Abilash Geetha Balan 

Dengue mosquito

Winter is hearty welcome in some places and largely hated in others, yet we have no option than to live with it. You hate it more so, if you are determined to achieve something as winter brings along with it a lot of health issues that can hinder your dreams.


Like Game of thrones, it is important to build a great wall of defense to prevent us from the hardship of winters. These precautions can greatly help you be focused in achieving your goals.


  1. Avoid juices, Pani Puri, Ice Cream from road side vendors due to poor water quality used
  2. Avoid fried items (Chaats, Pakoda, Kachori, etc) as winters slows down digestive system and tends to cause stomach problems
  3. Avoid sea foods as it is mating seasons for fish and hygiene is a big question mark.
  4. Avoid self-medication in-case you fall sick as this is the season for many critical diseases and early Diagnosis always helps
  5. Avoid getting wet in the rain, use Umbrellas.

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  1. Include Garlic & Ginger (if your religious beliefs permit) as it can enhance digestion.
  2. Include Pepper, turmeric in your spices as these are natures antidote for various health issues
  3. Peers, Pomegranate and Apple helps in maintaining a balanced Diet.
  4. Drink enough boiled water as it can kill Pathogens and keep you hydrated

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Precaution for Dengue

Life Hacks

  1. Keep Mosquitoes away.

a.) Keep your doors and windows covered, at the same time allow enough light inside your room (use mosquito Net)

b.) Use Mosquito repellant – There are a lot of cheap options available in amazon India (~INR 500)

2. Use a wiper in your washroom to dry out the water after shower as stagnant water can attract mosquitoes.

3. Dispose waste and left-over food from your room as and when you see it.

Eat fresh, stay healthy and lets Enjoy the beautiful weather.

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