How to prepare for JEE Mains, AIIMS and NEET Exams ?

Written by: Abilash Geetha Balan 

How to prepare for JEE Mains, AIIMS and NEET Exams

If you are coming to Kota for your Engineering or Medical aspirations, this article will provide you with the tips and Preparation methods for cracking JEE Mains, Advance, AIIMS and EET exams.

1. You are a reflection of your surroundings

You have consciously taken a decision to spend one / two years of your precious life in preparing yourself for the most competitive exams in the country (IIT-JEE/NEET/AIIMS, etc.), You are left with limited time to prepare and hence you need to be feeling motivated all the time. Surround yourself with people who can challenge your status-co and help you achieve your goals. There are various Coaching hubs in the Country for Medical, IIT, CA, etc like Kota, Indore, Hyderabad, etc which helps you stay focused due to like minded Peer-groups in these places. With over 2Lakh students aspiring for IIT-JEE Advance, NEET and AIIMS exams living within a radius of 4-5kms the coaching institutes in Kota provides you with right mind set for success. 

Student Learning methods for IIT-JEE

2. Try Different learning methods

During the early stages of preparation be open to explore different learning methodology. There are multiple ways to learn and absorb information, as each individual is different you may try and see what best suits you. These are scientifically proven learning methods


  • Record your difficult formulae or topics and listen to them often on your phone or music player as it gets registered in your sub-conscious mind.
  • Revise using cue-cards (vs) close your eyes and recollect
  • Stick to one subject a day (s) vs Multiple subjects within the day
  • Read out louder (vs) use mild music while reading (vs) complete silence
  • Group study (vs) Studying alone. (Splitting chapters with your partner saves a lot of time, greatly adopted by many fortune 500 corporate)
  • Spend long hours with the book (vs) do focus 45 mins sessions with breaks in between
  • Study during morning hours (vs) Study in the night

You may still have not realised your best learning methods. So please ask and observe your friends on what is the best learning method and you can change your method and see. This is very effective. And once you have identified your methods then plan a routine and stick to it. Do it for 21 days in straight. It will become a habit without you realising. 

The top IIT and Medical coaching institutes in the country like Allen Career Institute, Resonance EduVentures, Bansal Classes, etc have understood the success mantra and have created a system for cracking IIT-JEE, NEET and AIIMS. Hence it is important to follow the classes regularly and complete their home works. If you just follow this system, your success is evident.

Stay Focused on your goal

Dedication to your Goal

3. Dedication to your goal

Constantly remind yourself on why you are doing this and what all challenges you have overcome till now. Have a motivational photo frame of a famous quote or your role model in your room that u see every day. 

Seeing is believing


Balanced Body and mind

Mind and Body in Harmony

4. Maintain balanced mind and body

Eat Healthy and sleep enough. A healthy mind and body is the most important parameter that takes you closer to your goal. Take care of your body and mind. Keep yourselves away from diseases (check our previous blog on “winter is coming”). Please find the below simple meditation technique for improving focus used by the monks. The place where you stay during your preparation also plays a vital role in your success, hence choose a comfortable, Hygenic and motivating hostels. Do check our blog on facilities to consider before choosing Hostels in Kota.

Open to suggestion

5. Keep an open mind and Listen to your teachers

Your teachers and coaching management have been through the system of creating results for years now, and hence give your 100% in listening to their methodology during your time in the coaching (6-7 hours in a day). Trust the system a 100%. If you don’t trust your teacher then you are creating a mind block for learning and this will hinder your motivation and mind frame. Be open to challenge the views of your teacher but never run into a decision of not trusting the system. It is ok not to like a teacher, But it is not ok to lose interest in a subject because of a teacher.

Learn unlearn and relearn is a famous technique



6×18 rule (6 hours in coaching vs 18 hours in hostel)

During your preparation time, if you are not at home, it is extremely important to choose a nice hostel with a good environment as it creates good vibes and help you stay focused. Since you are spending around 18 hours outside the coaching every day. What you do in this 18 hours will definitely play a major role in realizing your goals. Make sure find a Mentor who can listen to your issues and guide you in the right way. Check our blog on 6×18 rule.




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